Triplettes de Belleville

well, i couldn't seem to find the triplets.

they must have ridden off in the night...those crazy triplets.

but i did find some other notable characters...

graffiti artists.

many many many of them...

= a whole lot of graffiti.

vandalism or self expression?

and these rugrats i found as well...

and these two.  i liked them!

old belleville...

transitioning belleville...

and new belleville...

filled with character and charm.

cultural diversity and a sense of community with an edgy artistic feel.

i like it.

even without those crazy triplets.

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  1. Jamie- I love these photos, in fact I love all of the pictures you take! You have been a huge part of our family and I just appreciate you so very much. You should have a show somewhere showcasing all of your masterpieces! You are truly amazing and talented.
    Lots of love, Jenny